Thursday, March 8, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Snail Mail

The challenge for Inspiration Avenue this week prompted me to create an image about my feelings for snail mail.   I had no idea that this topic would bring up such sad feelings.  I created some composites of images to use as ideas several days ago then set them aside.  Today, I couldn’t locate them.  I finally decided to start over.  In doing so, I realized I lost the first draft for a reason.

The people in the photograph are my aunt, my mother,  my paternal grandmother, and me.  We posed for a group portrait after my father’s sudden death.  The only person still living is me.

The postcard and other images represent mail from those family members.   I miss the notes from Aunt Betty.  She always had to write endings up above because she ran out of room.  My mom usually picked out and signed the cards she and my father sent.  My grandmother sent me birthday cards for my entire life, up until she died at the age of 99.   Though she died less than a week before my birthday, she had already chosen my birthday card.

I miss the cards, arriving in the mail around my birthday and holidays.  I miss  choosing and sending  special cards to my family for special events.  I miss seeing the handwriting on the envelopes, the stamps, and the letters.  But most of all, I miss those people and their physical presence in my life.

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  1. Hi Lou Anne,
    I was so touched by your post and collage piece you've submitted to my Mail Art challenge on IA. Thank you for eliciting lovely memories of my grandmother's birthday cards, she always sent 2 dollars in a card that was wholly inappropriate for a 30 year old but it alway made me smile to see her scratchy writing that said she loved me. Lovely piece. Thank you.
    Jenn of
    (member of Inspiration Avenue)

  2. Such a sweet piece and a lovely tribute to your letter writing family. I am sure that this is a lost art, as it is my older relatives who did all the writing, too. I can remember my grandmother writing to very often when I was in my 20s. Precious memories.

  3. That is such a lovely tribute and a great story to go with your lovely piece... thanks for sharing...xx

  4. Lovely, nostalgic, thouching piece! Beautiful pastel colors are reminiscent of spring and all the sweet memories! <3

  5. Such a poignant post, and I can so relate to the feelings that surface when going through mail from those who are no longer with us. Your piece is beautiful, and it's lovely that you have this mail to treasure. (What will it be like in 20-30 years when we look back and find most of our mail was sent over the internet, and has disappeared!)

  6. My mail memories are so faded I didn't even consider them when doing this challenge, then after reading your post, so many came rushing back and brought some teary eyes. I can actually picture some of those old birthday cards from my grandma and the scratchy writing from my mom. This lovely spread is just full of your memories - thanks so much for sharing and for reminding me I have a wealth of my own.

  7. I can see why this was an emotional collage for you. It's always sad when there is no one left to share those memories with. I've been that way since I was 19, after both my grandparents died. My mother died several years earlier than that. This is a lovely and fitting entry for this week at IA. Your post and collage pulled at my heartstrings. Thanks so much for the long forgotten memories.


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