Friday, April 6, 2012

Artist's Play Room Challenge-Create Art from Inspiration Around You

I played with virtual shadow boxes for the past couple of days.  It was great fun and I don't have any of the objects to physically put away.  I've learned so much about making 2 dimensional pictures look 3 dimensional but I have much to learn.  I was inspired by the work of L. K. Perella, who made some shadow boxes that she referred to as "Shrines of Forgotten Things."  She said, "My own artwork is for celebrating the humble and neglected."    This is something that I consider when I create a shadow box.

Credits:  Graphics Fairy, Far Far Hill, PMarie, Cajoline, Courtney's Digiscrappin, Efie, J Baechtold, Linda Lou Creations, Scrappin Cop, Raspberry Road, Fanette Design, Altered Bits, Correen Silke, Dover, Dees Delights, Granny Enchanted


  1. This is wonderful work Lou Anne, I eapecially like the top one. I also love the idea of celebrating the humble and neglected, which actually gets to the heart of what I was trying to get to, that the ordinary and mundane around us can not only make beautiful art but is beautiful in and of itself.

    Have you heard from Shelly from IA yet?

  2. Those are beautiful! I adore the top one and love the doll arms in it. ;) I believe as artists what's mundane and plain ole' Joe reality takes on new color and magic. Personally, I think it's because we see things as the "really" are. Happy Easter and hopping in from APR, Tracy #2


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