Sunday, April 1, 2012

Artists Play Room Challenge

Jenn challenged us to take a word or our name and doodle.  I used two fonts in Photoshop to write the two words I used but the rest of the image is doodled by me.  I really wanted to grab a Photoshop brush and make my patterns tidy but I fought that urge and just drew the doodles on my tablet.  I did turn some of them into brushes to quickly multiply the patterns, but I still consider it an original doodle.  It was interesting to me that I resisted drawing, then posting this.  I had to think back to teaching third grade, when my students would tear something up because "it wasn't good enough."  I always encouraged them to work with it and that there was no such thing as "good or bad."  So here's my third grade inner child Lou Anne and her doodles from the play room.  Thank you Jenn!


  1. Misplaced Mermaid what a Cute blog.

  2. Hi LouAnn,
    Yes, the APR for last week's challenge closed, if the linky didn't close I'd have added it then reworked my post from yesterday. I do love your piece. The green is spectacular and I always love word art. It must be difficult to work on a tablet. I used to own a wacom tablet but never used it as I always went to the real paint etc. I admire people who have the control of their hand to be able to do computer generated work.
    I'm not sure where you live so I don't know your time zone. I'm in Western Canada so Pacific time. I close the challenges on every saturday, one week after the challenge is posted. I close the linky around 10:30 am Pacific time, so I can still have a couple hours to add the last minute submissions before posting the next Saturday Challenge. If you're worried about missing the deadline then post a day early, Friday. If you get back to me with where you live I could tell you the usual closing time in YOUR time zone.
    Oh, and about this week's challenge, the challenge is always optional so if you want to enter this week's with this art piece, feel free! (the link you sent me wasn't right by the way, to get here I just clicked your header)
    Thanks so much for wanting and trying so hard to participate, I sure appreciate it!


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