Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Chickens and Roosters

Hettienne challenged us this week with creating an image about chickens and roosters.    Her story was very touching and made me think back to our last trip to Hawaii, two years ago.  If you click on the Inspiration Ave. link you can see the entire challenge and Hettienne's touching introduction.

This is the lovely Henrietta Hen and her many chicks.  I don't know if there are any baby roosters in this portrait but odds are that some are boys.  Of course, the actual rooster, Big Daddy, strutted around and took credit for all of these beautiful babies while Henrietta carefully supervised, preened, and cared for the chicks.  Sadly, we had to leave our feathered family at Hale Ulili in Kauai.  We hope to return sometime soon.  Maybe we'll see some of the offspring of these little critters.


  1. A wonderful photo so beautifully presented!

  2. Lovely, hope you do get to return one day! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. i love this! reminded me of that bible quote about God as a mother hen tending her chicks... gorgeous entry :)


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