Friday, June 1, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-School's Out

So many memories came to mind with this challenge.  I remember the excitement of the end of school and the summer ahead of me when I was a kid.  I remember saying good-bye to all of my students at the end of the year, and feeling somewhat bittersweet about it.  We'd all worked so hard getting to know each other and all of the children had grown so much.  Summer was always wonderful, whether I was the student or the teacher.  It meant sleeping in and doing whatever I darn well wanted to do.  (Most of the time, that is.)  


  1. Love your artwork and story. I love sleeping in and doing whatever I want too:) Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love this and School is out brings back so many exciting memories.
    I am just waiting for one that says: Work is Out! Enjoyed the challenge and all teachers deserve "School is Out" !!!


  3. Oh goodness, I agree, a "Work is OUT" challenge, as per Kim's suggestion, would be super cool. Would love to see what you'd do with that. I love the Vintage, Victorian feel to this, and that one of the children is riding a drum. Very fun! My favorite shared moment is between the kids sharing a milkshake <3


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