Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Muses Challenge-Birds of a Feather

During the Victorian era, feathers, wings, and entire bodies of birds were used to adorn ladies' hats.
Entire populations of many wild species of birds were decimated.  Some became extinct.  This link describes the fashion trend.

Victorian Bird Hats

You can view the other entries at

Credits for the components in this collage go to Raspberry Road, Pixie Treasures, Psycho Zoe Designs, Kit Kat 79 Scraps,, Scrapworld Magic, and Far Far Hill. 


  1. Good heavens, imagine wearing a dead bird on your head! Those Victorians were weird!!! Thanks for educating us on Victorian haberdashery, Lou Anne!

  2. great - and thought provoking...

  3. Ha ha, no wonder those Victorian ladies had to sit so straight. Imagine what would happen if not ... birds and feathers everywhere.

    Fantastic work, my friend.


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