Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Perfectly Pink

Cindy, from Inspiration Avenue, posted her first challenge this week!  Nicely done, Cindy.  She loves the color pink so she challenged us to make an image related to the color.  I wasn't in the pinkest of moods this week.  In fact, dark brown would have been better.  One of my friends lost her son in a terrible car accident and my heart is breaking for her.  But, since pink is the challenge, I directed myself to remember this special time of year.  My grandmother's birthday was in August and every summer my husband and I would visit her.  She loved pink flowers, especially roses.  My mom, whom we also would visit most summers, was enamored with the colors of pink and aqua together. So, I began to arrange images in memory of both my grandmother and my mother.  Pink is certainly beautiful, when you combine it with lovely memories.


  1. Well ~*~ Sparkly ~*~ Pink hugs to you for creating such a wonderful PINK POST, when what you really wanted was brown.....good for you!!!

    1. Believe me Cindy, I didn't want brown. Brown was associated with the events of the past few days. I enjoyed working in pink.

  2. Oops!!! LOL....p.s. I forgot to sign off...


  3. Lovely tribute to your Mom & Grandmother.

  4. This is a lovely piece and a lovely way to remember your family x


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