Monday, September 3, 2012

Facts about Fairies-Flora and Fauna

On a previous post I shared some fabulous facts about fairy fauna.  There were birds and fish with    fairy names.  We all know how much fairies love flowers.  Today I'm going to show some examples of fairy-named flowers.

The Western Fairyslipper Orchid can be found in the Pacific Northwest.  I've never seen one in its natural habitat and didn't even know they existed until now.  Ron's website is both beautiful and informative.  The picture links are below this image.

I looked on Wikimedia and found  some more.
Fairy Fans

Fairy Rosa

Fairy Slipper-Bali, Indonesia (Paphiopedilum, or Venus' Slipper)
  Fairy Iris

Foxglove is also known as Fairy Gloves or Fairy Thimbles.

These are all just the lavender and pink ones.  I'll be sharing some more with you later.



  1. Hi Lou Anne,
    Thanks for your kind comments and visit to my Native Orchids blog. I was charmed by your post and did not realize that so many different plants and flowers had references to fairies in their names. You might be interested to know that the "fox" in foxglove is actually a old word for fairy and not for the animal. You might also like to know that the flower (orchid) you have referred to as a Fairy Slipper from Bali, is really more correctly a Venus' Slipper (the botanical name is Paphiopedilum, which means Venus' Slipper). You might also be interested in a another plant, a wild flower that grow here in the PNW and which is know as Hooker's Fairy Bells. I've provided two links from one of my other blogs. It's the 19th picture in the first post and the 10th picture in the second post:
    (I'm not sure how to become a follower of your blog, but would like to do that)
    All the best,

    1. Hi Ron. Thank you very much for the additional information. I would love to have you follow my blog. You can do that in the sidebar Followers section. (I moved it from the bottom so it could be seen.) Please consider joining our Fairies' Tea Blog Party on September 23. To participate, you just sign up and agree to post on the topic of Fairies that day. You've got so many lovely fairy orchids pictures you could use. The info is on my sidebar near the top. Just click on the button. Thanks again!


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