Thursday, September 20, 2012

Facts about Fairies-Methods of Transportation

How do fairies get from one place to another?  Here are some images that will help answer that question. 

Riding butterflies is possibly the preferred mode of travel for many fairies.   This seems to be true whether the fairy has its own wings or not.

 Fairies may ride a single butterfly, or they might use a team of these creatures, using reins to control their movement, much as people have used horses.
 A fairy can also ride safely and comfortably on the back of a flying bat.   These nocturnal mammals are usually only available at night, so fairies depend upon them for evening activities.
Some fairies use water transportation.  This one is riding in an empty seashell.  Mermaids often use this mode of travel.
Of course, most mermaids ride from place to place on a fish.
This wingless fairy rides upon a turtle's back.  She must not be in a hurry.
Other fairies may ride winged horses. 
If a fairy is tiny enough, it might just jump into your hand and ask to be carried away.
 Sadly, this blonde fairy fits the stereotype that plagues human blondes.  While she attempts to ride a toad stool, two elves kindly point out that she could get there a lot faster on an actual toad.
As my blogging friend over at Ephemera's Vintage Garden points out, however you choose to travel, "Sometimes you just gotta ride it out."  That's exactly what any self respecting sea fairy does.

The good news is, you don't need to provide much space for parking if you're participating in the Fairies' Tea Blog Party.  Fairy vehicles are pretty compact.


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