Friday, October 19, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Seasons

Diane challenged us this week with creating an image about our favorite season.  I've always loved autumn.   Growing up in the midwest and living in New England for a couple of years showed me autumn's true potential.  Since living in Southern California for the past 22 years, I haven't been able to experience what I think of as a true fall.  Still, I love the brief glimpses of leaves changing color.   I guess it's a compromise living here with pseudo fall but the benefit is that I do have a tangerine tree.    Once spring comes and I catch the whiff of orange blossoms in the wind I'll forget all about autumn.

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  1. Beautiful submission! I love love the faces in the leaves at the bottom of the frame. Fall is the fireworks, color exploding everywhere and December is the "Rest" until Spring when everything wakes up. I would love to have a orange tree. It's so nice that God spread the bounty around!


  2. Beautiful Lou Anne... love the images in the leaves a well!


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