Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fantastic Freebie Alert

There are so many generous people who share images with other digital scrapbookers and artists.  Some of them give freebies and also sell their designs.   One of the things that sparked my own passion for digital art was this community of generous people.  For that reason, I think it's important to pass on information about these gifts.  It's a way to share with others and it's my way of giving a "Thank you" to those who provide the images. 

Raspberry Road Designs is one of my favorite sites and I'm a regular customer.  I love the sets they create and they give awesome freebies! Today, I received a set called "Whispers of Winter."  First I had to play with it and then I just had to share it!  I made this still life using elements from the set.  Check out the link to see some of the awesome things Raspberry Road offers.  You can grab your free set, and some other goodies there too.

One more thing about Raspberry Road.  Susan Darter created this set.  I've had a few questions about how to use her designs and she's been extremely helpful.  I really value that!

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  1. Just dropping in to say "Happy Thanksgiving" and thinking of my favorite artsy tarts!


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