Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-February Holidays

Over at Inspiration Avenue it was my turn to host the challenge.  I was leaning strongly toward a Valentine's Day post but then found out there was at least on holiday per day between February 11 and February 17.  People responded with an image related to the holiday they preferred and we got some fun results.  Today was "Be Nice to a Grump Day."  I did my best to be grumpy and sure enough my husband was extra nice to me.  Tomorrow is "Random Act of Kindness Day" and I'm going to share something special that someone did for me.  Since I'd made six Valentine cards just for fun, I decided to contribute that to my IA challenge.  I've consolidated them all into one page because I couldn't choose just one.  I hope you'll hop over to IA to see the other entries.
I hope everyone had a great week!  Be sure to check out IA to see the fun holidays you can celebrate next February.  Just click here.

Credits for Image Components:
Raspberry Road Designs, Pewter 7, Marisa Lerin-Pixelscrapper, Far Far Hill, Graphic's Fairy,  Marta Van Eck, Nothing But Freebies, Coffeeshop, BCMD (Busy Crafting Mommy Designs), Free Vintage Printables, Mommyish, mdk scraps, JanetB Designs, ADB Designs, Aimee Harrison, CBJ (Created by Jill), idbc (Inspired Designs), Wendy Tunison, DBD, and Bits O'Scrap.



  1. Hahaha, love the 'sometimes a tambourine just isn't enough...' with such a dramatic lady! She reminds me of my 14-year-old niece!

  2. I like the clever lines you wrote for all your valentine cards, and all the sweet details that you added. However, I love Marilyn Monroe, so that's my favorite. Blessings!

  3. I love all of these, especially Marie, my favorite! Colorful, clever, and cute!


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