Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-My Home Town

Maggie challenged us with creating an image about our homes.  I've been working on designing a digital scrapbooking kit (my first) for a Pixel Scrapper Blog Hop so I've had scrapbooking on my mind.  I decided to take some photos of things in my front and back yards.
I must apologize to all of you who are still surrounded by snow.  It's spring here, as you can see from the photos.  I've included pictures of my yard and I've enhanced the page by adding samples of the flora and fauna that surround me.  I love flowers and these are some of the types I grow, both on purpose and accidentally, like the dandelion and violets.  I just felt I needed to be honest.  I have dandelions blooming madly in the grass.  Lots.  I tend to remove the dandelions but I treasure the violets.  And yes, we have fabulous bats and owls that live in the cypress tree and palm tree next door. 

The photos of my orange and cypress trees are my own.  I have to thank the morguefiles database for the critters.  There's lots more in my backyard.  Some lilacs, apple trees, oleander, wisteria, dogs, a pool, and a spa that is no longer functioning.  But I love the orange and tangerine trees the most.  They've just budded and the blossoms have the sweetest smell on earth.  I wish I could somehow have a way to share it.  The cypress tree has something living inside, we believe.  The hole you see goes into the tree.  The orange peels on the bottom picture are where he, or she, chucks out the peels after eating the oranges.  I suspect the little guy is eating tangerines too.  We've seen the opossums and raccoons in the yard so we know they're there.  We've seen skunks too, but we try to pretend we haven't.

Please forgive me for having spring when so many are just longing to see the first crocus pop out of the ground.  Remember, I have black widow spiders too.  And by the time the east coast experiences spring, my flowers will be mostly gone.

I had fun sharing a glimpse of my home.   Thanks for visiting.  Stop by Inspiration Avenue to see the other entrants' home towns.  Just click here


  1. well, I've still covered in lots of snow but I certainly don't begrudge anyone their spring! Your yard looks like a wonderful oasis - all those trees! Your animal friends are so lucky to have such a yard to visit. I was so happy to see the dandelion on your picture, too - they are such a brave, misunderstood flower. Did you know that they are edible?
    You have me wishing to smell an orange blossom - I have never had the pleasure, as we are a little too far north for orange trees. I've visited the southern U.S. and seen the trees in full fruit, but never in bloom (makes note on bucket list)

  2. Thank you Jenn. I did know that dandelion greens are edible. My brother taught me that when I was a kid. I also learned how to roast the roots and make a coffee-like beverage. I decided to stick with French roast instead but I should really enjoy the greens once I pop the little buggers out of the ground. I don't use pesticides so they're organic. There's a product out there called Orange Flower Water. It's not quite as heavenly as the real thing but it comes close. When there were lots more orchards in this area, the drive to work in the spring was tolerable because of the intoxicating scent of the citrus blossoms. It's definitely a lovely thing to put on your bucket list.


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