Friday, June 28, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Outfits for All Occasions

Over at Inspiration Avenue this week, I had the pleasure of working with a special co-host for our weekly challenge.  Jez, a regular participant in our challenges, offered to present a challenge on fashion.  She created examples that were lots of fun and even wrote a tutorial to show how one of her creations was made.  I decided to illustrate a fashion faux pas that I learned as a child.  Here is my entry.
As always, I'd love to invite you to follow my blog if the mood strikes you.  I would also like to suggest that you pop over to Inspiration Avenue to see Jez's fabulous images and the other entries for the challenge here.  If you'd like to be a co-host, just leave a comment here or on the IA blog.  Thanks for stopping by!  Oh, and get lots of wear out of those white shoes between now and Labor Day!

Credits for Image Components:
Itkupilli, Holliewood, The Maltese Scrapper, Cajoline, and BitsnBobs.


  1. Fun! My those girls better be careful!

  2. Hilarious! What is with that white shoe rule anyways?

  3. Wow Love that Camel!! It is dressed for all occasions too! :)

    1. I would think that camels must be very picky about their attire.

  4. So funny! That's a very cheeky ostrich. But the camel steals the show...he must be all dressed up for Wednesday (Hump Day :). Your ladies are gorgeous, fashion faux pas or not. Love the orange eye shadow!

  5. What a great entry, very amusing as well. I remember the White Shoe rule, the rest of the wardrobe kind of went along with it - white skirts, white pants, etc. Nobody seems to follow all that any longer.



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