Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Language of Flowers

I recently participated in a swap hosted by Alpha Stamps.  I created three ATCs on a theme entitled The Language of Flowers.  It was lots of fun making the ATCs and, as usual, I really wanted to keep mine.  Of course, if I kept them I wouldn't get three wonderful surprises in the mail from other swappers so I diligently mailed them off.  I can't wait to receive them!  For now, I'm sharing the three I made.

These are screen shots from the Alpha Stamps site.  You really should go to their gallery and see all of the beautiful ATCs.  For that matter, there are other wonderful things to see there too.



  1. These are beautiful! I love the old-fashioned feel which is perfect since the Victorians really paid attention to the meanings of flowers. ATCs are such fun to make and swap!

  2. Beautiful! I think it would be fun to see a resurgence in the language of flowers

  3. Lou Anne, Lou Anne, How does your garden grow?
    Just strolling in and admiring your BEAUTIFUL (ATC) flowers!!
    Sure to make someone's day extra special!!



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