Saturday, August 3, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Time

Over at Inspiration Avenue this week, Maggie challenged us with creating an image about Time.  That told me it was time to play.  I've been doing some colorful art journal pages lately so this challenge sparked an urge for me to play with vibrant colors.  No serious thoughts or messages.  Just silliness. 
But seriously, why don't butterflies come in paisley?  Must they all be so symmetrical?

Credits for image components:
Pewter 7, Mye DeLeon, Creative Elegance Designs, APD, Aneczkaw, Cajoline, Delicious Scraps, ckh (Stampgram's Studio), Happy to Create, AM Designs, Booland Designs, and Fonts-"You Wish You Were a Shirley" and "Teenage Girl"


  1. I loved the paisley butterfly. Silly, yes. Clever, yes! Colorful, yes!! Inspirational? More than you can imagine!

  2. All very good questions! I would love to live in this butterfly garden you've created. And butterflies should definitely come in paisley. Also polka dots :)

    1. Polka dots...absolutely! Come on over to the butterfly garden for lunch...or is that why they call it "brunch?"

  3. "why aren't there any paisley butterflies?" why indeed!


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