Saturday, September 14, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Kodak Moment

This week marked the 125th anniversary of Kodak so I decided that an appropriate challenge for us over at Inspiration Avenue would be to share a "Kodak Moment" image.  It didn't have to be a photograph, though the original intent of the Kodak Moment was to capture a special moment on film.  Since yesterday was my birthday, a birthday photo seemed appropriate.

Who doesn't have a photo of a one year old eating their first birthday cake?  It's always fun to see how they tackle it and a mess usually (always?) occurs.  This is a page with photos of my first and third birthdays.  It's a couple of Kodak moments captured half a century ago.
I don't remember why I was pouting over my ballerina birthday cake, but I apparently got in the birthday mood and smiled for the camera.  What's your favorite Kodak moment?  To see the ones people shared over at Inspiration Avenue, click here.

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  1. Oh how cute!! So great, the one where you are pouting with that awesome cake. I love the later one where you seem to have gotten over it. I have photos of myself like that, maybe even on my birthday lol. I can never remember what was so terrible that I couldn't smile for the camera.

    Great challenge...I've loved looking at everyone's Kodak moments!


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