Saturday, February 15, 2014

Artful Soul Care-The Workshop 101-Dust and Rainbows

Altered Amanda's Studios is unveiling an awesome series entitled "Artful Soul Care."  This workshop explores the “whys and hows” of personal soul support, and how it relates to improving one’s quality of life while enhancing creativity.  Prompts and projects are included to combine imagery, mixed-media and writing to create personal, visual expression in a book format.   It's broken down into three distinct workshops.   For more information click here.

I created this page with digital materials provided in Artful Soul Care 101.  I loved the bright colors and hand-drawn components and connected with the quote by Langston Hughes.   I'm excited about this process and hope to explore my soul life and enhance my creativity.



  1. Oh Lou Anne, this is extraordinary!!

  2. Lou Anne, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! My goal this year is to do some digital art work, once I figure out how! ha!
    Loving seeing all your progress and I have to say that the "Change" one you did really hit home for me. A kind of confirmation and I have put a lot of things behind me that needed to be there some time ago. Change is always good, it's better than being "Stuck" isn't it? Thanks for sharing your soul through your art! Love it!


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