Monday, March 31, 2014

Collage Stuff Group-ATC Swap

Last month I participated in a challenge with my Collage Stuff group.  We swapped three ATCs that had to have a postage stamp.  That was the only requirement.  I love mail art and postage stamps so I decided to participate.  The fun thing about the Collage Stuff group is that the owner, Lisa, requires people to use something from her shop but it's not a huge monetary investment.  She sells all kinds of cool collage materials so I often buy from her.  You can visit her shop here. 

All three of these ATCs were made with matboard ATC blanks I bought from Collage Stuff.  It made the project super easy because I didn't have to measure and cut out a background.
 For this one I used silver and blue trim from Collage Stuff.
 For this one I used a gold bow from Collage Stuff.  The hand is a piece of vintage Victorian scrap.  I have purchased lots of repro Victorian scrap from Lisa.
 The ivy leaves in the corners were purchased from Collage Stuff.

Collage Stuff has a Yahoo group that engages in the swaps.  If you're a member you get special discounts and member only deals.  The cards I got back were awesome! Here they are:
Made by Kathleen Spitz
Made by Bambi Doe Blake
Made by Mary Ann Arnold
This is a wonderful group.  I encourage you to check out Lisa's store and consider one of the monthly swaps. 

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