Thursday, July 24, 2014

Inspiration Avenue-Hot Pink Summer Sizzle Challenge

Our challenge this week at IA is all about Hot Pink!  I've been absent from making art and blogging lately because there have been a lot of cats and kittens needing rescue but I'm happy to say, "I'm back!"  I couldn't resist the hot pink pieces in 2Chmd's new July Mixology kits.  The theme for them is "Follow Your Heart!"  I think that making art is definitely a way to follow my heart so I played with the kits and this is the image I created.

You can hop over to GoDigitalScrapbooking and see all the wonderful mini kits Christina has put together for this theme here.


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  1. Such fabulous hot pink summer sizzle :) I have a pink mermaid coming up. Hopefully I get my blog updated tomorrow :) Yes art is definitely following your heart - Much love and light -Niina


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