Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fairies Tea Blog Party

Finally the day has arrived!  It's time to celebrate!
I've had the hardest time making decisions about this party!

When it came to dishes, I just couldn't choose one china pattern.  
My little friend, Lilliana of the Lilies said, "Must we choose only one?"
If I hadn't had Lilliana's help, I think I'd be using styrofoam cups.

I must confess that deciding on the treats nearly sent me into a tizzy.  Fortunately, my fairy friend Fern helped me narrow it down to nine pastries.  Do you think the mermaids will find it offensive that there are shoe shaped cookies?  They don't have any feet, you know.

I had the hardest time selecting the musical pieces for the fairy fest.  
Finally, I settled on two of my favorites.  I know the musicians will have more music to share.  Please, come in and join the fun.  Take a seat wherever you like.
You must not forget to download your special party favor before you leave.  
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Thank you for joining in our Inspiration Avenue Fairies' Tea Blog Party!
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  1. I love your party it is gorgeous, I have signed up to be a follower and would love the Fairy ATC Sheet please, have a lovely day~

    ~Pixie Dust Blessings~

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the fairy fest! Please send me your email address so I can send the ATC sheet.

  2. So enchanting! I love the colorful cups and teapot, the goodies, just everything! This is so much fun!

  3. Wonderful post. The first image is so whimsical - I love them all but that one best. Happy Tea Party Day!

  4. Lou Anne,
    Your Fairy tea party is such eye candy! I love your pictures. The tea cups, well, who COULD choose just one! I choose them all! and such wonderful treats to share! I am already a fan and follower. Please put me in your magic teapot for a chance to win.


  5. Wonderful faerie party lou Ann .... I took a shoe cookie and they taste as good as they looked and not the mermaids were eating them too .... thank you for the invite... it was fun

    hugs wendy

  6. Lou Anne what a delightful party! i love everything about your party, from the eclectic china to the shoe cookies! oodles of fun!! XO :)

  7. Lovely choices and treats, glad the fairies h elped you decide to use it all!

  8. I'm happy to meet you, Lou Anne, and your fairy collages are so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. I would love a fairy ATC sheet!

  9. I've really enjoyed your party, your digital images are wonderful as is the story you made to go with them. I've just become a follower and I'd love your atc sheet of fairies. My email is

    many thanks
    J x

  10. Thank you for the free digis fairies. Love them!

  11. I enjoyed your Fairy tea blog party. I am your newest follower. take care, Darlene

  12. Oh could you please also send me the email of the ATC Sheet of fairies. Thanks, Darlene

  13. Here is my email address: So sorry I didn't include it with my comment, have a lovely day.


  14. Lou Ann you won my lucky dip gift in the fairy tea, please could you send me your address via email.

    J x

  15. i don't think the mermaids are going to mind - they are going to be too busy eating sweets :)
    and thanks for the download of the sweet little fairies! i love it!

  16. What fun! Great collages featuring roses - those are amazing.


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