Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fun Facts about Places Fairies Frequent

 Fairies are fairly fearless when it comes to finding magical places to play.
Fairy Caves
They just love to visit waterfalls too!
Fairy Falls
Fairy Glen Waterfall in Penmaenmawr, Wales

Did you know that fairies also fancy fungus? 

Now we come to the directions for the 
Fabulous Fairies' Tea Blog Party!

First, you must find the Fairy Bridge.  Just look for the signs.

When you find the Fairy Bridge, 
follow the fairies all the way across.

 Now you will come to a path.
 Follow the path through to the Fairies' Wood.
Once you come to the Fairy Footpath, you'll know you're almost there!
Fun, friends, and fantasy will be waiting for you at the end of the Fairy Footpath.  You can almost see the party being set up at the end of the trail.  See you there!  Don't forget to bring your friends, or even your family, as long as they are friendly.



  1. beautiful photos, this si a lovely post!

  2. I missed this one yesterday, but had to comment here as well as on your party post. Fantastic, magical pictures! They draw me right in to Fairyland!


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