Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Misplaced Mermaid's Journal-Day 25

I had hoped that the mermaid would be back in her natural environment by now, but that hadn't been possible.  I still had much to learn.  For almost a month, I'd managed to keep my cats out of the room where the mermaid lived.  But they really needed to be able to spread out in their own home and I believed the mermaid was quite safe, due to the glass cover on the top of the aquarium.  So, I let the cats roam freely around the house.  It was a little bit harrowing,  both for the mermaid and for me.

Credits for image components:
Raspberry Road Designs, Far Far Hill, Cajoline, Cotton Candy Collage, and DBS Digiscraps. 

Note:  The daily post was a January project for me.  I will keep the story going but won't be posting a page every day. 



  1. I feel like this is my house right now...we are 'fish-sitting' and the cats are ever so intrigued

    1. We have a 125 gallon aquarium and our cats love to go fishing. Luckily, the fish are behind glass so the cats just paw at the glass trying to catch them. I know your cats will love "taking care" of the visiting fish.


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