Friday, February 1, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Chinese New Year

Maggie, my Inspiration Avenue friend, challenged us with creating an image related to Chinese New Year.  I was excited, until I realized that February 10 would bring The Year of the Snake.  Not wanting to shun the official animal of the Lunar New Year for 2013, I began searching the internet for images.  Of course Maggie left it wide open so I could have chosen any of the signs, including the rat.  Yes, that is my sign.  I'm a rat.  But I wanted to stay true to this year's symbol, so a snake is what I chose.

One thing I found was a series of Chinese paper cutting folk art.  When I took a trip to Hong Kong many years ago, I was amazed at both the simplicity and the beauty of this type of art.  (You can see a digital collage sheet made from images of cats done in this style in my Etsy Shop.)    Here is an example of one for The Year of the Snake.
And an even prettier one, both from Sinopaperart
I love the delicate colors of the thinly sliced tissue paper.  It amazes me that people can cut these designs by hand.

I created a postcard in honor of Chinese New Year last year and decided to rework it to fit this challenge.  I've learned so much more about digital collage since then so it was lots of fun working with the images I selected to keep, and the ones I decided to add.   The dragons had to go.  The background wasn't changed too much but I did add some new elements, including the snake pieces.

2013-The Year of the Snake.

Please visit Inspiration Avenue HERE to see the other entries for this week's challenge.  I know you'll enjoy seeing them.  If you don't know which sign you are you can find out from Maggie's marvelous post.

Credits for image components:
Publikado, Cajoline, Friendly Scrap, Courtney's Digiscrappin', Raspberry Road Designs, Pixelscrapper, and Linda Lou Creations.


  1. I cannot even cut a straight line - how does anyone cut out images like that from tissue paper? I have a new respect!

    These are really gorgeous Lou Anne!

    I post your Liebster nomination too. Hope you can have some fun with it!

  2. Ooh, fabulous! I love red, and all of the images ~ even the snake ~ since I somehow managed to be born in a snake year. This is so vibrant...your collages are always so magical!

    I have a paper cutout from China of two kittens playing. The whole image is in the shape of a fan. It's so delicate and detailed. I don't know how anyone accomplishes that either.

  3. Beautiful vibrant digital collage. Digital collage is something I'd like to learn and hope to do now I have some relevant software. I'd like to use my photos and doodles together. Like you I'm also impressed by the brightly coloured tissue like art paper; gorgeous.

    Kat :-)

  4. Your post card is beautiful. The snake reminds me of a gold snake bracelet that my husband gave me!

  5. Hey Girlfriend! Just popping over to say Hi and to see what you've been up to lately! Hmmm, year of the snake huh... I don't remember what I am, I think a bunny - that figures, at the bottom of the food chain and timid! LOl!
    Hope you are well and enjoying your arty adventures...

  6. It is beautiful! I like all the different reds (good luck?) and ornate decoration. So rich!

  7. Your work is simply delicious, I love the swirls and colours of the snake. I adore your kitties looking at the mermaid in the tank too. Wonderful, really wonderful.


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