Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Senseless Tragedy

I've been trying to understand how a terrorist act at the Boston Marathon on Monday could have happened, so soon after 20 children and 6 adults died in a Connecticut school.  In fact, I cannot fathom how over 3000 people have lost their lives to gun violence in our country since the massacre in Newtown.  Add to that the fact that the Senate voted down a watery version of a new law requiring background checks on gun purchases.  I guess these things are not to be understood.

Although there were three deaths and many injuries, I was extremely touched by the story of a particular family who was torn apart by the bombing on April 15.  I couldn't stop thinking about the eight year old, alive one second and dead the next.  His sister, a little first grader, lost her leg.  She had recently learned to step dance and was passionate about it.  What kind of prosthetic leg will allow for step dancing, I wonder.  And what will life be like for that family after this horrific terrorist attack?  I can't imagine growing up without my big brother.

An art journal page seemed to be one way to process all of this.  I marvel at the resiliency of the people in Boston.  They will come together and support each other, and they will move beyond this.  That's what people do.  I only hope that the family in China who lost their loved one has lots of support as well.  My heart goes out to them, and to the other family in Massachusetts who lost their adult daughter.  I know how sudden, unexpected loss can pull the ground right out from under you.  I can only imagine how it's magnified when it occurs because of a violent act.
Dedicated to Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, and Martin Richard.

Credits for image components:  Raspberry Road, Pewter 7, Lilac and Lavender, Cajoline, and DSF(Digital Freebies)

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  1. very touching and thoughtful post, Lou Anne. I must confess I have been turning the news off lately - its just getting to be a bit too much for me - I guess I need to find a healthy outlet like you have here


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