Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Challenge-Houses

My friend Maggie challenged us with creating an image about houses.  My dream house would have lots of beautiful plants around it, like this cottage by the sea.

I love Victorian houses and this one would be wonderful.  (I'd like a gardener and a housekeeper to go with it.)  When I see an abandoned house, I feel so sorry for it.  

It always seems like such a waste to have abandoned houses when so many are homeless. (Houses from

Of course, being a mermaid lover I couldn't resist creating an underwater scene showing a mermaid's house.  For the challenge this week, I am sharing my mermaid dream home.
It looks like these mermaids are having a party.  Why don't we go inside and join them?  

Credits for image components:
Granny Art Fairy, Courney's Digiscrappin', Collage Sheets (Glitter Mermaid and Image Village), and three of my favorites from Deviant Scrap (Brimm, Eena, and Mr. Whiskers).



  1. What fun! I'd like to swim through that door and join the party! I love the way you seamlessly blend all the images in this as well as your other digital art.

    1. Thank you Maggie. I always have a good time when I'm playing with one of your awesome challenges.

  2. Love that last house... absolutely great!

  3. SUPER charming! What a great way to incorporate your love of houses and mermaids! SO clever!!!!

  4. Yuh-huh.....I could SO live here! Awesome house - AND mermaids.... Throw in a couple of sea ponies and possibly a water-proof cupcake and it's my dream home! Fabulous! Best wishes - Shroo:)x

  5. The sea ponies were out back so you couldn't see them. The water-proof cupcakes sound delicious! I'm so glad you like my mermaid house.

  6. wowee! If you are ever around here I'll have to take on old house tour! We've got some Gothic and Victorian around here - and the captain's houses are amazing! I can picture one now that would be perfect for a mermaid!
    love this collage - so imaginative!


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