Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge-Grandma's Attic

When I posted the challenge at IA this week, I thought about my maternal grandmother.  I remember climbing up the stairs to the small attic in her farmhouse.  My favorite thing to do up there was to play with my cousin's beautiful Revlon doll and all of the fabulous dresses my mother, aunts, and grandma had made.  My digital image contains various objects that remind me of my Grandma Stewart.
I had a lot of fun finding objects that reminded me of my grandmother, as well as the times when I visited her.  She was always really special to me.

Credits for image components:
Butterfly Design, Granny Art Fairy, Cajoline, Courtney's Digiscrappin, Far Far Hill, Friendly Scrap, Raspberry Road, Marta Van Eck, The Maltese Scrapper, Freubel's Freebies, Miriam's Scrap, Forbidden, Booland Designs, and KK Textures.



  1. This is beautiful. It's obviously so deeply personal to you and your memories, yet you've perfectly created an image that brings a smile of recognition in the viewer. Looking at this I remember the bags bursting with balls of wool, the many half-finished cardigans that my grandma worked on - never just one at a time! Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork - it's a real pleasure! Best wishes - Shroo :)xxx

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comments! You have such an insight into what I hoped to share with this collage. I visited your blog and became your newest follower! I'm so glad you stopped by today.

  3. YAY!!! Thank you for visiting me! AND for joining my blog - that's awesome! Harvey Fluffpants has directed me to send hugs from him to your kitties. He does that... He's a friendly feline! I look forward to enjoying your future art - it's so inspirational and a joy to look at. Thank you again - hugs from me (and the be-clawed velvet beanbag that is Harvey Fluffpants!) - Shroo :)xxx

  4. beautiful! My grandma's attic was a library - so so many books. Every time I smell an old volume now it takes me right back


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