Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge-Eyeglasses

Over at IA, our challenge this week is all about eyeglasses.  For the past week or so, I've been busy with animal events so I decided to make a digital collage about Cat Eye Glasses.  I swear that my cat, Michael, needs glasses.  He sees things that no one else sees, and he misses things that are right in front of him.  I wish animals could be fitted with glasses because I'm sure there are dogs and cats that would benefit.  It makes sense, doesn't it?  If people had different visual issues, other mammals must have some problems too.  Maybe that's why cats can't read!  Anyway, it's food for thought.
These beautiful animals only agreed to participate in this artistic endeavor because I promised them that they could pick out their own glasses.  I think they did a good job, don't you?

Credits for image components:
Sugarbutt Designs, Friendly Scrap, Crafty Button Designs, Harper Finch, Farrah's Designer Scraps, Holliewood Designs, Judy Me Designs, Raspberry Road,  and the Shrewsbury font.

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