Friday, May 9, 2014

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge-Water

Hi!  This week at IA Maggie challenged us to do an image on the topic of water.  Being a misplaced mermaid I had to jump in!
I've been super busy focusing on helping rescue cats and dogs from local animals shelters.  I ended up helping put 100 dogs on an airplane, fostering a little dog, transporting kittens to foster homes in another county, adopting a sick cat from a shelter, and fostering two 2 week old kittens that I am bottle feeding.  You can read about my adventures on my facebook page.  It's here.  I haven't had much time to create but I couldn't resist this.  Thank you for visiting!

Credits for image components:
Pewter 7, Tangie Baxter, Silvia Romeo, R. Davis, Finecrafted Designs, Forever Joy Designs, and Sky's the Limit Scraps


  1. I would never know you didn't spend tons of time on this! But I know how busy you've been, so it must be true :-) This is like a snow globe minus the snow. Very tempting to shake, but I can see why the beauty inside would rather we didn't. The lovely madam outside is there to deal with people who don't follow directions, I'm sure. Wouldn't want her chasing me with that paddle!

    1. Rather than shaking I'd picture her rocking in the waves. The paddle lady is a good deterrent. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wonderful mermaid! Excellent composition!


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